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The build system is the heart of the development process. Most programmers execute it many times during their workday. It processes resources, compiles, executes tests, packages application and possibly performs many more activities. Depending on the project, technology and requirements it might be pretty simple or very complicated. There are projects which […]

Care for your build system at least the same as for your code

Static code analysis is a process of verifying your code without executing it. It can be performed on source code level, on compiled binaries or even on some intermediate states. It can be automated as part of your build process (you can even fail the build in case of major findings) or […]

Checkstyle vs PMD vs Findbugs

Almost all software companies are using Continuous Integration methodology. Whilst 10 years ago it was considered an extreme programming (XP) practice, nowadays most developers cannot imagine their work without fully implemented CI. There are dozens of system and tools facilitating the implementation of CI, from build systems and testing frameworks to scheduling […]

Continuous Integration best practices checklist

We all know that we should automate as much as possible. In fact, we should automate everything that can be and effort spend on it would pay off. However, I have a feeling that we frequently forget about this principle. We are hesitating regularly on automation and often as a result skip […]

Why automate?