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Piotr Oktaba

Welcome to Octosblog.com – a blog that aims to help to improve personal and team efficiency and make the space where we are spending most of our life a better place.


My name is Piotr Oktaba. I am a programmer, team leader and a person who fights procrastination every single day.


Many team leaders, managers and seniors face common and hard to handle problems:

  • tasks that seem just about closed lasting for months,
  • interruptions and urgent issues – dozens or even hundreds – incoming every day,
  • balance between productivity and good relationships,
  • team inner and outer relationships, lack of mutual understanding,
  • inability to handle non urgent but important matters,
  • avoiding mundane tasks,
  • maintaining a positive and proactive attitude (yes, corporate talk, but one with true meaning) while every day looks like a never ending fire,
  • good ideas being rejected by management/supervisors.

And what about the software development process itself:

  • despite source code management system usage, tracking changes just sucks,
  • although Continuous Integration has been fully implemented, application is in a deplorable state all the time,
  • always, literally always outdated or missing documentation and knowledge,
  • development procedures/guidelines ignored by programmers,
  • code quality degrades over time and refactoring efforts do not improve the situation,
  • and many many more…

These are kinds of problem handling the blog is about. So if everyday you tackle problems with the development teams (both organizational and technical), your inner and your team procrastination and any widely understood software development matters, check out our articles and let me know if they have provided you with any help.


I have been a programmer since 2004, and have been involved in widely understood development infrastructure since 2007. I have been leading a team of over a dozen developers since 2013. I am quite experienced and interested in:

  • Java, Groovy, Scala,
  • JEE (plus Spring, Hibernate), with focus on integration matters (WebSphere, WebLogic, JBoss, Wildfly),
  • Build Systems (mainly Maven, but also Gradle and some oldies like Ant),
  • Continuous Integration (Jenkins, Jenkins, Jenkins…),
  • Source code quality and coverage tools (Sonar, Findbugs, PMD, Checkstyle, Jacoco, Emma),
  • GIT, Docker, and catching up with any new widely adopted technology,
  • and any other matters related to configuration management.

For more details, check out my linkedIn profile: Piotr Oktaba.



I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t mention my hobby: painting miniatures and terrain modelling. Please find below two samples of which I am most proud. For more photos and some other pieces you can check out my coolminiornot.com profile. However, updates are rare as these activities are quite time consuming.

Space Marine DreadnoughtInn ruins