Monthly Archives: March 2015

  Have you ever participated in or been a witness to one of those silent (although sometimes very loud) conflicts between a subordinate and the boss? They usually last for months, sometimes even years. People are living with them by rationalizing it as character incompatibility, hard times, or, the worst case, bad […]

Seek to understand

    Let’s consider how you manage critical hardware running production infrastructure. You are carefully monitoring it (at least you should be), analyzing suspicious events and potentially replacing or adding new parts whenever necessary. To have the hardware performing efficiently all the time you are spending significant amount of time on maintenance. […]

Sleep management

“Hello World”. This is how a developer usually starts with new technology and thus I am also starting with them with this blog. I know for some of you it will be silly, but I just couldn’t help myself, especially after finding the toast image (Creative commons rocks!). So what will this […]

Hello World!