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We are more or less familiar with the traditional model of managing people. There is usually a team or a few loosely coupled people with a manager assigned to them. The manager knows what work, in what order and when it should be finished. They plan and schedule specific activities, let the […]

Goals oriented management

The build system is the heart of the development process. Most programmers execute it many times during their workday. It processes resources, compiles, executes tests, packages application and possibly performs many more activities. Depending on the project, technology and requirements it might be pretty simple or very complicated. There are projects which […]

Care for your build system at least the same as for your code

Static code analysis is a process of verifying your code without executing it. It can be performed on source code level, on compiled binaries or even on some intermediate states. It can be automated as part of your build process (you can even fail the build in case of major findings) or […]

Checkstyle vs PMD vs Findbugs

We are more or less familiar with the DevOps concept – a new methodology of team building and software development. What many of us are not aware of are the different kind of DevOps teams and how they fit into an organization. I was inspired to write this post by a Matthew […]

DevOps team topologies

Almost all software companies are using Continuous Integration methodology. Whilst 10 years ago it was considered an extreme programming (XP) practice, nowadays most developers cannot imagine their work without fully implemented CI. There are dozens of system and tools facilitating the implementation of CI, from build systems and testing frameworks to scheduling […]

Continuous Integration best practices checklist

Configuration management is often considered as a synonym for SCM systems (Software Configuration Management, Source Configuration Management, Source Code Management). However, it is much more than only your revision control system. CM, at the least, includes managing: configuration of your application on your local, test, staging and production environments (and whatever else […]

Configuration management – overview

Have you ever wondered how it could happen that the message delivered to a client or higher management was totally different than the one which was initially posted by a team or a specific person? It is quite the same as with the Chinese whispers game. How might the corporate edition look […]

Communication, you fool!

Small projects and organizations usually have one strong leader who is an authority and drives things forward. However, when we look at the bigger undertakings we notice that they usually have at least several official and not official leaders, supervisors and bosses. It is not a rare case that their structure is […]

Leaders clashes

Feedback is a very important part of our professional work. It has enormous impact on your and your subordinates motivation, engagement and of course productivity. Through feedback you can coach, teach and improve the work of your team. Without it, people would not know if their work is valued. They will also […]

Give honest feedback